Introduction to the Israeli AI Landscape and Overview of the National AI Strategy

Year ago, in Israel national AI strategy was start to developed under the same leadership as the cyber strategy (2011) and is led by Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel and Prof. Eviatar Matania. On the interconnectedness of the strategy to achieve results in the Israeli context, it can be said that the cyber strategy plan has had a decisive influence on Israel's position as one of the world's leading cyber countries. The National Strategic work or in its full name The Israeli Initiative for Intelligent Systems contains various committees in many areas where AI based systems will have a major impact. One of the most important committees is the AI, Machine Learning & Data Science in Healthcare committee. Amnon Hezkiya, The Secretary of the committee will talk about the ecosystem of AI in Israel, the challenges and the opportunities of such revelation, the move from startup nation to smartup nation, the objectives of the committee, the committee's work processes, findings and recommendations.