Isabelle Duroux-Richard, France

Isabelle Duroux-Richard has a long-lasting experience in studying miRNA-controlled regulatory loops in the pathophysiology of rheumatisms, which includes expertise in antisens approach, RNA interference, microRNAs, and transcriptomic and bioinformatic analyses. Currently, she studies miRNAs in monocytic subpopulations involved in the control of inflammatory response under pathophysiolological conditions and searches new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers predictive of a treatment response. She has now been working for 12 years with Professor Florence Apparailly and has long-term experience of supervision. IDR has co-supervised many grants together with FA, such as ANR, H2020 for the most recent ones.  She has 12 original articles and 11 reviews published in the main peer-review journals in the domain of RA and miRNAs, including 9 publications as first author and 1 publication as last author. She is co-inventor of 3 patents.

Since 2011, Isabelle has been INSERM Research Engineer (IR1) at u1183 in the team “Genetics and immunopathology of Joint Inflammation Disorders” at INSERM u1183,  (Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Biotherapy, University hospital, Montpellier, France)